Bridging conscious strategy to every-day and long term pragmatic decisions.

You’re valuable, that’s why you need an Advisor.


It’s that simple.


Tech entrepreneurs and CEOs, President Barack Obama, Fortune 500 executives, elite athletes and organizations have one – shouldn’t you too? Yes.


When done right, it should be reserved for people who are critical to you or your organization’s success. Generally, this includes everyone at C-level, Boards, heads of business units, entrepreneurs, tech or functional wizards, founders and your innovative young leaders.


You need an advisor and confidant with strategic foresight that can quickly grasp a leadership situation, bring credibility, challenge assumptions, and bring innovative ideas.


Pedro J. is a seasoned strategist and advisor with a cross functional background in both public and private company sectors – CEO, Board member, General Counsel, VP of Operations and Entrepreneur. He grew up traveling the world, living extensively in Europe and the US, and traveling for business and pleasure to Asia, Europe, Central and South America and the Middle East. He brings a multicultural perspective and a multifaceted understanding of your business with his background as a chief executive and operational chairs of organizations.


You will benefit from strategy sessions with Pedro J. if you are:


  1. Scaling up to global responsibilities
  2. Learning how to engage and lead former peers
  3. Understanding Millennials and bridging traditional business
  4. Developing a successful working relationship with your Board chair
  5. Challenged to prioritize new ideas and strategies.
  6. A high net worth individual who needs a seasoned business confidant
    to advise and manage your assets, professional team and stakeholders.


Pedro J. helps you work through challenges and identify innovative ideas so you will shorten the distance to their success. He gets people, relationships, and organizational dynamics.


The goal is self-reliance and empowerment, not dependency.

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