Advising families and business owners to grow and preserve their unique values for future generations.

“Cash is not king for Millennials. Rather, they value experiences for the healthiest life of all.” Shouldn’t we all? How do you bridge traditional business with Millennials seeking to feel ‘”extraordinary”? How does your family, succession planning and organization evolve to understand and make this a value based opportunity for the next seven generations?


You need a confidant and advisor to assist founders, families and business owners to grow, preserve and bridge their unique values for future generations.


Pedro J. understands you, relates to Millennials and the iGeneration, and is the touch point between families, business owners and their future generations.


You might be assessing the capability or interest of the next generation to lead your company and determining how to bridge the gap in their skill sets while also positioning them into rolls of success and enjoyment. Pedro J. will help you stabilize the family dynamics and assess the business needs so you can create a long term strategy.


Or you’re a high net worth individual who needs a seasoned business confidant to advise and manage assets, professional resources, stakeholder dynamics, including legacy planning for future generations.


With over 14 years advising founder driven companies and family members in the private and public sectors, Pedro J. understands legacy planning and preserving unique values for future generations.


He gets what you have created and the interpersonal dynamics to grow, preserve and bridge for the next seven generations.


Connect to bring your legacy planning into focus, alignment, harmony and precision.

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