Board effectiveness, transition and advisory services.

You need a seasoned Board leader who is a pragmatic lawyer with business experience.


Pedro J. is a seasoned Board leader having advised Boards, Founders and CEOs on strategy, effectiveness and transitions. As the former CEO and GC of a public clean tech company, he really understands strategy and stakeholders.


You need him because he has over 12 years of Board leadership experience and will deliver on strategy, effectiveness and growth. He is also a lawyer with extensive Board governance, transition, strategic execution, and team and behavior experience both in the public and private (founder company) sectors.


Pedro J. delivers on collaboration, clarity and constructive communication. He will help you:


  1. Create strategic alignment between Board, CEO and executive teams
  2. Work through CEO or member transitions
  3. Facilitate an interim CEO
  4. Navigate hyper growth and turn-around
  5. Work through behavior dynamics
  6. Create stakeholder and long-term stability


He is the touch point between Board chairs, members, stakeholders, founders and the chief executive.


Connect to harness and align your strategy and execution.

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