It’s that simple as a conscious leader – listen to others and yourself, first.

There are plenty of definitions on conscious leadership, so this is the pragmatic approach.

‘We’ rather than ‘me’ creates trust, collective focus and expansive influence. All of which are critical as a leader in (lets call it) traditional business and in being in sync with millennials.

Aside from the theoretical and yogic descriptions, CEOs and thought leaders often focus on ‘to do’ lists, their own voice, the next three ‘self’ achievements, and are unaware of those  around them and their effects on professional and personal relationships. This is often the case, unless one pivots. How?

Primal – React first. We’re hardwired this way, recognize this.

Block the primal pattern – Breathe. Take a deep one in through your nose, hold for seven seconds, then powerfully release out the mouth until there’s nothing left in the lungs. Do this three times. Don’t overthink it. This is done by professional athletes and in your local yoga class– simply commit it into practice. There’s a reason billion dollar tech companies teach this to their execs.

Priorities – Revisit your priorities. Trust me, new insights will begin to populate as you’ve put in check your primal nature and allowed yourself to listen to yourself and others.

Do this once and you’ll feel the new perspective, keep with it and you’ll listen differently and become an influential leader. Here’s a hint, listening is where ‘wisdom’ originates.

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  • Peter

    Great blog, appreciate it

  • Pete

    Great advice for anyone… too often we react impulsively without taking time to consider the bigger picture

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